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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lumia Storyteller updated with a new features for Lumia

Lumia Storyteller updated with new features for Lumia Windows Phone 

Download : Download Lumia Storyteller - Windows Phone Store

New in this version:
- Select folders for Storyteller content
- ‘No music’ option for story videos
- Long press for context menu
- Improved offline support for maps

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530 Officially Announced

Microsoft  just announced a  new affordable Windows Phone 8.1  Low range NOKIA  Lumia 530

- it also comes in a Dual-SIM version

- Comes with  latest Windows Phone 8.1 OS out of the box

( the Lumia 530 comes with Action Center, Word Flow, personalized Start Screen background, HERE Maps, MixRadio, Cortana and many other features  )

Specs : 

 * a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor

*  a 4-inch LCD display (   (854 x 480)   )

 *  5MP camera 

*  512MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage (with the option to expand with microSD support)

* Wi-Fi, BT 4.0 + LE

* 1320 mAh battery


 Lumia 530 will be available in two editions, both single and dual-SIM (3G)

-  It comes in  (  bright orange, bright green, white and dark grey colors  ) with changeable shells

PRICE :    under €100 before taxes.  

The Lumia 530 will be sold globally, and
    will be available beginning in select markets in August 

Microsoft Announces New Affordable Mini Speaker ( Bang By Coloud )


                  Nokia MD-1C  ( BANG by COLOUD ) 

WEIGHT  : 96 G
                                              BANG  by  COLOUD   ( NOKIA )


* Dimensions: Width: 75 mm, Height: 51 mm, Weight: 96 g, Cable length: 17 cm
* Operating keys: Power on/off key
* Maximum music playback time: 8 h
* Audio: Frequency response: 200 – 15 000 Hz with Maximum output: 94 dB at 0.5 m
* Speaker drivers: 40 mm high performance
* Battery: Rechargeable 680 mAh Li-Ion
* AV connectors: 3.5 mm stereo headphone connector
* Charging Mode: Micro-USB
* LED indicators: Battery level indicator, Power on indicator

-   Microsoft also unveiled a brand new portable mini speaker Bang by Coloud

 Nokia MD-1C is a pocket-sized  new portable mini-speaker. It connects to your phone via the 3.5mm headset jack 

               offers upto 8 hours play back time on a single charge


Battery  :  680 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery 

                    (  which fully charges in 120 min. )

Price  :    just €19

the new portable mini speaker comes in three colors 

                    black, green and orange.

Friday, 18 July 2014

WeChat App for WindowsPhone Updated to




                      WE CHAT  -   windows phone 8/ 8.1

 update to version :

                                 New on WeChat V5.2

-Input the required digits to create a group with friends nearby.

-Optimize main screen to provide a better experience for users.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Blackberry BBM BETA for Windows Phone 8.1



BlackBerry Product Marketing executive Jeff Gadway has revealed that the BBM for Windows Phone beta should be start thursday means tomorrow.

the beta app itself has already been updated to version

download :

                                                                                SOURCE  :   BLACKBERRY  

Monday, 7 July 2014

Android Powered Lumia Coming from Nokia by Microsoft

As per Evleaks  :

                 Android powered Lumia soon ( NOKIA by MICROSOFT )

No more information yet

Lumia 830 leak shows Nokia by Microsoft branding


The Lumia 830 is expected to have a 13 MP PureView camera with a lens made by Zeiss.

Not  much  information  about the specifications of this device right now except that it might have a 4.5 or 4.7 inch screen

Last week image leaks of the alleged Nokia Lumia 830  images surfaced online.

 Now, a latest leak from Chinese website shows the so called Lumia 830 with a branding mark that reads

 ” Nokia by Microsoft”

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Nokia Lumia 1525 Coming To T-Mobile

According to @evleaks, , the Lumia 1525 is headed to T-Mobile. 

The upcoming Lumia 1525 appears to be an upgraded version of the Lumia 1520 with similar price points and feature sets.

Note: The above image is of Lumia 1520.


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to uninstall any OEM app on Windows Phone 8 or 8.1



*   Change the year to 2105  or MORE 

  *    Press back and click any of the OEM settings at the bottom such as Nokia account, Storage Check 

A message pops up about a problem with the app. 

                                  CLICK  UNINSTALL 



 you  can Re- install  any of these OEM settings  again :

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

NETWORK+ system setting app updated.

Network+ settings is an additional setting that ensure you get the most from your mobile network and your mobile network and your phone.
what's new in this update,

  • support for dual sim.
  • smart dual feature.

Grab the latest update now : NETWORK+ 

How to get Cortana if you live outside the US

How to get Cortana if you live outside the US


If you live outside the US and are now running the Windows Phone 8.1, you may well be weeping at the absence of one of its most important features: Cortana. But weep no longer, because you can get Cortana outside of the US, and it's incredibly easy to set up.



If you go into the settings of your device and change the region to US and

then change the interface language to English (United States), you can get access to Cortana right now.




















Note that you may have to reboot your phone a couple of times but that’s a small inconvenience for getting access to the digital assistant.

As of right now, Cortana is locked to the US but it will be expanding it to the UK and China later this year, with further regions gaining support in 2015.






Saturday, 12 April 2014

Age of Empire: World Domination summer of Windows Phone 8

Age of Empire: World Domination

It's official,
 Microsoft has announced that the new title of the famous saga
                                         Age of Empires 

arrive on Windows Phone 8  simultaneously with the iOS and Android platforms.

Age of Empires , and expansion of the popular strategy game where your goal is to build a strong empire and fighting for the conquest of the territory, coming with a new chapter called World Domination, which will feature ancient peoples, such as the Huns, Vikings and the Celts to try to rewrite the history of an era now lost.

 KLAB, the game's developer, promises epic battles with more than a hundred heroes to choose from, simple touch controls and ability to defy the armies of their friends in online mode .

So we have to wait for what promises to be one of the hottest summers for Windows Phone, making us hope for the growth of games in the Store

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Windows phone 8.1 Dev preview.

Windows Phone 8.1, code named windows phone blue's dev preview which has gone through various predicted release date's, April 2nd at the build then 10th April and then to 14th April  also it was said that it will be released in the "FIRST PART OF APRIL" and now, Joe belfiore tweet's that

 "Everyone relax thru weekend, check in early next week."

So, because it was said that preview will be released in first part of April and now Joe Belfiore says that early next week, so 14th APRIL will be the date "HOPEFULLY".

 **Also for optimistic's if your week start's like this Sunday Monday Tuesday.. you can expect the release on Sunday also.**

read more about: Windows phone 8.1



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Bing News for Windows Phone updated to version

News for Windows Phone has just been updated to version .

 In addition to bug fixes and stability improvements, and performance, might be the introduction of new functions, 
in which case we will update this article with the full changelog


Health & Fitness for Windows Phone updated to version

Health & Fitness for Windows Phone updated to version

Health & Fitness for Windows Phone has just been updated to version .

 In addition to bug fixes and stability improvements, and performance, might be the introduction of new functions, in which case we will update this article with the full changelog. 


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

watch CORTANA dominating over SIRI.

watch CORTANA dominating SIRI in coversation with Arsenio,amazing to see CORTANA's behavior against SIRI,

Arsenio was talking with both of them on show when things got a little out of control.

source: The Arsenio Hall show 

Pocket File manager: fulfills the space of much need file manager.

Windows Phone is a closed OS; meaning that short of having a developers account there really is no way to side-load pirated apps and games (be honest! We’ve all done it!) so there’s one huge use for a file manager gone. In terms of stability the OS is rock solid, and the benefit of being a closed OS is the fact that there are none of those “icky viruses” you can get by playing around with your phone, further more this means that I don’t have to delve into the file drawer and search for the offending file that was eating up all my precious ram, or causing my photo gallery to crash.


POCKET FILE MANAGER, serves its best to fulfill the absence of File Manger.

pocket file manager provides you a similar file manager with great features and various other extra feature which are not their in the OS, like sharing video via Bluetooth, sharing files via WiFi etc. which are very useful.    

It also has ability to download stuff's via URL's and in addition it features a music player which can run under lock screen and various other features like ability to open and share PDF files. 

Download: Pocket file manager 

MetroMail now Outlook/Live as well, and not just Gmail, plus swipe UI additions


MetroMail is the first third-party email client for Windows Phone. It improves user experience by significantly expanding the functionality offered by the native email client. It also brings a first-class experience for Gmail users, which includes all major Gmail-specific functionality, and instant notifications.

Why use MetroMail as an Outlook user?
- Swipe actions for managing emails
- Attach multiple files from your OneDrive account
- Ability for editing replies (plain-text only)
- Individual tile colors for each account
- Individual notification sound for each account
- Individual toast notification support with night mode for each account
- Tile counts are synced across all your devices (i.e. reading emails will reset the tile count on all your devices)
- Concatenate multiple accounts under one unread counter (for use with a single live tile or the lock screen)
- No longer break threads for non-Outlook (e.g. Thunderbird, Gmail) users when replying to emails
- Proper handling of embedded email images
- Choose between small/medium/large/original when attaching photos
- Support for HTML signatures

Why use MetroMail as a Gmail user?
- All of the above plus:
+ Instant notifications via IMAP IDLE
+ First-class support for archiving, starred emails, and labels
+ Support for inbox tabs (e.g. Primary, Social, Promotions)
+ Server-side search functionality with support for advanced Gmail search operators
+ Support for multiple From addresses within the same account

Security & Privacy:
- The application only connects directly to your provider's servers and your password is never seen, processed, or stored by the app.

DOWNLOAD  l    :      METRO MAIL !!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

BBM for Windows phone.

BBM: Blackberry Messenger is coming soon to Windows Phone, which was announced at MWC 2014, it will be hitting windows phone store in Blackberry's Fiscal Q2, or between May or July 2014.  
 For now a leaked news is that,
  "BBM for windows phone is available beta testing," 
-as said by Blackberry leaks,

Plenty of windows phone user's are also waiting for BBM, 80 million active user's all around different OS's are using BBM, lets hope for Windows phone it to comes early.

source: Blackberry leaks

Joe Belfiore talks about Windows Phone Preview

  Belfiore talks about Windows Phone Preview

All who saw the presentation of the new Windows Phone 8.1, by Joe Belfiore, loved! But the lack of information on Build 2014 a question echoes through "Air Internet":

 "When is the preview version?" We have previously published some dates as day. April 10 and day 14 April 

. Yesterday on his Twitter 

                                 Belfiore responded as follows:

"On many questions, some answers. Preview Release of ... 1st fortnight of April. . But we have no date yet " 

 See the image below:

This update to Windows Phone Preview will not have the new version of Cyan Nokia .

Imagine the confusion of ideas and the various comments and questions when out Windows Phone 8.1 Preview. 

Ideally, every day the user to verify the existence of update to the 15/04 day (where the first fortnight of April ends).

 Remember that for this update you must be a registered developer.

                                                                                                    source :  JOE BELFIORE
                                                                                                                ( VP , MICROSOFT  OS )

Windows Phone 8.1 will receive two ‘GDR’ updates this year

Rumor : Windows Phone 8.1 will receive two ‘GDR’ updates this year


Windows Phone 8.1 isn’t even on any devices yet, and we already know a lot about it from our Build 2014 coverage.
 What we didn’t know was what’s next for 8.1, and if the operating system would follow a similar schedule as 8.0 before IT

Editor Daniel Rubino stated that Windows Phone 8.1 will be updated twice in 2014 and once in early 2015 with new GDR (General Distribution Release) software updates. 

Recall that Windows Phone 8 had three small operating system updates between its release in late 2012 and late 2013 codenamed GDR1,GDR2, and GDR3, but they were known publicly as Update 1, Update 2, and Update 3.

 Rubino says the same rollout plan is game for 8.1, and later this year we’ll receive Update 1 and Update 2. Rubino predicts the former to arrive this Summer, while the latter should reach devices around “November/December”.

 Finally, Update 3 is likely going to be a Q1 2015 release before Windows and Windows Phone receive their next-generation ‘Threshold’ update.

There’s little doubt that one of those [updates] will probably include the so-far secret ‘3D gesture system’ that powers mystery device ‘Goldfinger’ as revealed by the Verge. That technology could prove to a real game changer by not requiring any buttons for user interaction. I’ve noted previously that Goldfinger is not expected to be ready until Q1 2015.

I’ve also heard rumblings of a dual-lens phone from Nokia later this year, where two cameras would be used perhaps for a multi-focus, Lytro type effect. Extensions of the OS for support of both of those features would be required for new hardware. More than likely we’ll also see the usual bug fixes and minor feature improvements as well in those GDR updates..


                                                                                                                                                                SOURCE : WP CENTRAL

Here Maps for Windows Phone received an updated.

HERE Maps shows you the smartest way across town with fast, offline maps in 95 countries. With fast, offline maps in 95 countries, you can find your way even without a data connection. With new collections, you can now group, save and sync your favourites with And with LiveSight, HERE Maps brings the power of sight to your map. Hold up your phone to see floating labels on nearby places through your screen.

Here Maps for Nokia lumia updated with following things New:

  • organised your favorite into groups, sync them across your phone and and have the collection at your fingertips.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Grab the latest update here :HERE MAPS