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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Angry Birds Rio - Receive update and is free

 Today we’re looking at an update for Angry Birds Rio.

 We’re getting a ton of additions to the game that’s now at version 2.0. Plus, it's now free!

                 Here’s what’s new with version 2.0 of the game:

  • New High Dive episode – Based on the upcoming sequel to Rio
  • New levels – 20 new levels and 6 bonus levels set in the Brazilian port harbor
  • New graphics
  • River dolphins – Save these animals for points
  • New move – Dive below to break open cages

You’ll also notice a new logo for Angry Birds Rio

. The game is also free

       which is a nice move on developer Rovio’s part.

 Previously, the game went for $0.99 in the Windows Phone Store. Note: We’re not seeing an update for the Windows Phone 7 version of the game, this looks like something only available for Windows Phone 8 users.
Angry Birds Rio

Download       :       Windows Phone Store.

QR: Angry Birds Rio

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