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Monday, 24 March 2014

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8

Update | Facebook Messenger is available, find the download link at the bottom of the article. Below is a list of the features of this first version.

  • Access all of your messages without opening Facebook.
  • Animate your conversations with stickers and send pictures in private.
  • Create group conversations and plan your day wherever you are.
  • Share your location to let your friends know when you're nearby.
  • Find out when friends saw your message.
  • Find out who uses Messenger and those who are active on Facebook.
  • Stay connected and never miss a message.
  • Turns off notifications when you're at work, sleep or need a break.
  • Never miss the history of your conversations and contacts.

At the Microsoft conference last Sunday at the MWC 2014 , were announced the good results obtained by the U.S. giant in 2013. Between numbers and future prospects, Joe Belfiore announced, with great surprise for all of us present at the event in Barcelona , the imminent arrival of Windows Phone note the official Facebook messaging application

Download |    Facebook Messenger

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