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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Magnify BETA received a very hefty update version

 Magnify BETA received a very hefty 

                                       update version

Today the app received a very hefty update with over 20 new features. Let’s take a look at version of this great app.

 Magnify BETA is a lot like Flipboard.

It curates news for you from various sources. You don’t have to add specific RSS feeds unless you want more. 

The app also uses a lot of animations and fancy transitions.

 We love the app and it’s even better now.


Here is the full list of new features. Don’t try to read it all in one breath.

  • New Swivel article reading view.
  • Brand new Dark reading theme!
  • Added ability to fetch full article for reading.
  • App tile is now a wide tile.
  • Turning on Live Tiles should cycle images on app and secondary tiles.
  • Show Magnify on your phone’s lockscreen (ensure you have turned on “Show unread count on Live Tiles”)
  • Added ability to save article image to phone.
  • Added ability to hide articles marked as read under Settings.
  • Added Help, About and What’s New pages under Settings.
  • Added option to show exit app prompt.
  • Reduced duration needed to update feeds.
  • Unread count for Live Tiles can be turned off again.
  • Changed color of hyperlinks to improve legibility in the dark theme.
  • Changed background color of unloaded images to better suit the dark theme.
  • Added ability to stop auto-scrolling in parallax scrolling by touching any where on the screen.
  • Diacritic characters should show up properly now.
  • Manual app reset should remove all previously pinned Live Tiles.
  • In-app unread count should be updated correctly now.
  • Improved image quality in non-parallax scrolling mode.
  • Moved parallax scrolling option to Settings page.


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