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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

NOKIA's next firmware to be titled as 'blue for Windows Phone 8.1'?

In the next few months, Nokia is expected to release a forthcoming firmware update for their Lumia line. That should be no secret as we’re also expecting an OS update called Windows Phone 8.1. Firmware helps make your phone’s hardware better, and it’s very specific to your device. The OS though is general. That’s why the Developer Preview Program only gives the OS update, but requires additional firmware updates later on to complete the experience.

Now, a new video posted by Nokia Russia highlights the current features in Lumia Black. That’s the firmware that coincides with Update 3. That in and of itself is not news, but at the very end of the video, the voice over makes brief mention of the next Lumia update, and even call is by name: Nokia Blue.
‘Blue’ is the codename for Windows Phone 8.1 (and other Microsoft services), so Nokia calling their new firmware ‘Nokia Blue’ makes a lot of sense. (It’s also kind of funny, since we have Black and Blue for those two firmwares).
Assuming the information is correct, the firmware/OS pattern will look like this:
  • Amber <-> Windows Phone 8 Update 2 (aka GDR2)
  • Lumia Black <-> Windows Phone 8 Update 3
  • Nokia Blue <-> Windows Phone 8.1
There's almost a semblance of a pattern there.

So what’s in Nokia Blue? That’s a good question, and we really don’t know yet.
Source: Nokia Russia (YouTube); 

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