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Monday, 24 March 2014

The Brand New Car app from Nokia, helps you out while driving

Drive your vehicle with handy NOKIA CAR APP.
Nokia has released a new Car app for Lumia Windows Phones, which works without the optional accessory.
Nokia Car now makes it possible to use this friendly interface whenever and wherever. Loading up the app will bring the user to a familiar (or not so familiar) splash screen with some information and three app shortcuts. The detailed information can be swiped to show battery status, current weather readings and the time and date.

From here the display won't turn off, but will be dimmed after some time while displaying this screen. It's perfect for driving since there are shortcuts to configured apps that remove the time consuming task of moving through menus and other screens. Everything is displayed and accessible with minimal input from the driver.

What's interesting about this new app is the ability to configure exactly what apps are listed in the shortcuts menu. By default, users have HERE Drive, Nokia MixRadio and Quick call, but it's possible to select anything from the installed apps list. 

Get The Brand New Nokia Car App

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