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Thursday, 27 March 2014

The most awaited windows phone 8.1 device: Lumia 630.

With every day heading towards April 2nd leaks of the upcoming windows phone 8.1 OS and devices running on it are popping put! another source reveals the expected price NOKIA LUMIA 630 the most awaited Windows phone 8.1 device.

The source reveals that price of the Lumia 630 will be near about 161 USD as it has passed the certification in US, Thailand, Indonesia.

 Till now the leaked specs of the device are as follows.
  • dual sim support (single sim variant will also be available)
  • 4.5 inch screen with resolution of about 854x480
  • 1Gb ram
  • 1.7 dual core** snapdragon s400 processor (** no confirmation of dual or quad core)
  • 5mp camera which lacks flash functionality(lack of flash is confirmed in the images)
  • dual stand by.
  • windows phone 8.1
  • on screen buttons.
  • also no camera button(may be because the want to reduce it price or because it doesn't respond sometime).

following things not revealed.
  • front facing camera.
  • 4g support
  • availability of compass( since its a budget oriented device like 520/525 so cant say will it feature compass.)
  • wireless charging(most probably it wont be their)
  • glance support.
  • Dolby enhancement.
  • corning gorilla glass protection.
  • adreno not revealed yet.

a lot more things are yet be revealed comment bellow what you expect or want in Lumia 630

Keep your fingers crossed and wait for the most awaited BUILD 2014

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