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Monday, 31 March 2014

Windows Phone 8.1: Sd Card support, to install apps and games on Sd card.

The Most awaited Windows Phone 8.1 OS's dev preview is expected to be released on 8th of April 2014 (as stated by NPU), which was earlier to be released on 2nd April at Build 2014, but due to some bugs and issues were left to resolve in the OS, but now as stated by WPC that windows phone 8.1 core work is finished and OS is with some manufacturers. So we can expect the release of dev preview soon.

The most talked about feature which Windows Phone 8.0 lacks is the ability to install apps and games on SD card, Windows phone 8.1 update (all windows phone 8 devices can be updated to windows phone 8.1) adds this ability, but so as to keep the fastness, smoothness and zero lagging alive Microsoft has highlighted the minimum requirements of the SD card so as to install apps and game on SD card. 

 image source Nawzil
"Minimum speed levels required to support the app installation movement to SD card

is above Class 6 SDHC card Class 10 SDHC. No support for Class 4 SDHC cards or below. Windows Phone will automatically detect the inserted SD card and if the SD card
 speed does not support the minimum requirements, the app movement form phone to SD card option gets deactivated."

This hereby concludes that windows phone 8.1 will be alike windows phone 8.0 in terms of speed, privacy and with no comprise with security of data. 

source: coolxap

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