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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Joe Belfiore talks about Windows Phone Preview

  Belfiore talks about Windows Phone Preview

All who saw the presentation of the new Windows Phone 8.1, by Joe Belfiore, loved! But the lack of information on Build 2014 a question echoes through "Air Internet":

 "When is the preview version?" We have previously published some dates as day. April 10 and day 14 April 

. Yesterday on his Twitter 

                                 Belfiore responded as follows:

"On many questions, some answers. Preview Release of ... 1st fortnight of April. . But we have no date yet " 

 See the image below:

This update to Windows Phone Preview will not have the new version of Cyan Nokia .

Imagine the confusion of ideas and the various comments and questions when out Windows Phone 8.1 Preview. 

Ideally, every day the user to verify the existence of update to the 15/04 day (where the first fortnight of April ends).

 Remember that for this update you must be a registered developer.

                                                                                                    source :  JOE BELFIORE
                                                                                                                ( VP , MICROSOFT  OS )

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